We use strategy, design and communication to turn bold visions into brighter futures.

Selected clients, big and small

IKEA, Opna, Paebbl, Counteract, VELUX, Alfa Laval, Cirplus, Pale blue dot, VARVA, Svensk Sigill, Elonroad, Hellberg.

What we do

Our blend of branding, prototyping and product design, mixed with deep insight of climate technologies and sustainable business models makes us uniquely positioned to help first-domino ideas and innovations get to market with the clarity and desirability needed to challenge business-as-usual. 

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Our ideal clients are

Building the new
Biased toward action

Prioritizing emissions reduction


We’re a team of pragmatic optimists from all over the world.
Very few of us started our careers working on the climate crisis, but we all found a way to use our unique skill set to do our part to keeping us under 2 degrees.


The climate crisis is just that – a crisis. It demands bold and extensive action, which is why we welcome everyone to do their part. Design is our tool for change, which is why everything we do must be clear, engaging and informed by the context we’re working in. For those we aren’t able to work directly with, we foster a network of collaborators and doers, share as many resources as possible and build what needs to be built – wherever that takes us.