Build for Life

Build for Life is an ambitious initiative by VELUX and a range of other partners, designing and realising the future of living. Producing some of the most sustainable buildings in the world, the Build for Life project has spawned several pilots of both new and retrofit buildings from the Living Places project to the LKR Innovation house.

Our role was to design the central platform that allows a variety of stakeholder to immerse themselves in the projects, and build out several tools the facilitate knowledge sharing.

A flexible menu experience that can handle the
growing portfolio of projects and initiatives.

A simple, structured typography system for
a cohesive experience across projects.

The future of sustainable living touches every aspect of how we think about, and ultimately, build homes and communities. The Build for Life project leads that charge by offering up valuable insights and tools with actionable content across building strategy, design and performance.

This content is complex and with many levels, so we adapted PDF’s into engaging, interactive experiences allowing people to skim, or go deep, on every facet of building design.

One of many interactive ways for users to
immerse themselves in the highly visual content.